Art videos

Bogres + AI
music and voice by yu-r
I love a short story "Parable of the palace" by Jorge Luis Borges, it leaves me in a dreamlike state of wonder. Initially I only wanted to make it sound the way it feels like to me. As AI image creation became very advanced and easy to do, I couldn't resist to make prompts from Borges rich vocabulary and see what will come out of it.
For this work I've generated thousands of pictures and several AI videos. Several hundreds of images I saved on my hard drive to modify and / or feed it to another AI tool, and eventually to use it in the final montage. I feel like my role with visuals was not as much of an artist, but more of a curator. I've found that I enjoy it a lot.
Videos for my music
music: "Fort Knox" by yu-r
Music is a life long dream of mine. I started making music as yu-r only recently and there are few videos that are ready. I love stories and atmosphere, it is the focus of my works. Watch all videos for my music here
2020 - 2021
Intros for LAB
music by me
The Laboratory I work with at MIPT deals with a lot of high quality lectures and talks. It is part important for us to prosess those talks and make them easily available for everyone.
Math talks demand attention and focus. To ease the viewer into the mood I make intros. I also enjoy making them ^_^
music: "ángel sin cielo" by Kali Uchis
Social Life vs Wild Nature
music: "No" by Nicolas Jaar
In this work there is a lot of footage from Disney Nature film, as well as the footage I've made at social dance competitions and events (swing dance society). I participated in the life of this community for three years. Later on I have found that social dance groups in general have particular ways of dealing with potentially dangerous desires and instincts, animalistic side of being the human.
My personal experience with the community had me questioning the 'norms' and how they get established. Are those norms of behavior actually help to create safer environment? To what extent is it an illusion? Is the beauty of the percieved order and the feeling of being safe worth giving up the freedom to be expressive in ways that are considered unacceptable? What about the beauty and the exitement of pure and very dangerous wild life?
music: "Woody Woodpecker" by Dan Deacon
This is one of my first videos, and it makes me feel some kind of way. This combination of music and the video for me is.. out of control, fun, weird, trippy?
I love this song, the crazy piece of music stores lots of energy.
The journey
music: "Heart" by Darkside
This video is about the road and the blissful moments while in pause.
The Dream
music: "We'll miss you little Joe" by Equiknoxx
A short surrealistic music film with story from the dream. In the frame with me are my adventurous friends Andrey Kupavskii and Aria Bierlaire.
music by me
Funny enough, the first video I have ever made (this one, "The Frames") is about animation and film production, and it contains my first musical attempt.
The video features the footage I've made in the museum of cinema in Torino, Italy.
Showreel 2019
music: "Never Have I Ever" by Nicolas Jaar and Will Epstain
The collection of fragments of different works made up till 2019.
Backstage music video
music: "Slova" by Hristina
Half documentary, half art film made at the backstage of shooting a music video for the song "Slova" by Hristina. I personally enjoyed the creative flow, and the organization of filming by the actual director of the video.
He didn't spoil the idea of the video - so each setting was explained just before the corresponding scene. It kept all of us curious and excited, eager to solve the mystery.
The room
music: "Pop Rocks" by Sumthin Sumthin
Forma Festival
music: "Magikess" by ivy Lab