LAB on stands for
It is a beautiful workplace for mathematicians at MIPT that I am happy to be a part of. It is a pleasure to be working with intelligent and free-spirited people.
I have joined the lab in the very start in 2019, and used my skills mainly to create websites, posters and animations.
A lot of my work is influenced by the help, tips, troubleshooting, explanations, and ideas from other lab members.
web & UX
Web Design at LAB
Here I want to elaborate on the ideas and work behind LAB websites. Up to this point we have created 5 sites for different projects and events organized by LAB.
It is always a journey and I find it incredibly interesting how things work out. Before COVID-19 we didn't think LAB will be very online oriented.
Pictures, drawings and art
A collection of my selected graphic works, created for different purposes and events.
Motion design
Intros for videos
Most of the times online talks are recorded and the recording is of acceptable quality. We publish them for educational purposes.
Math talks demand attention and focus. To ease the viewer into the mood we add intros. They are also fun ^_^