Lab Pictures

Pictures for web & social media
Big Seminar talks
Big Seminar is a regular event. Almost each week different speakers come to share knowledge about their research or the sceince around it, and listeners join in to learn and ask questions. It is open and everyone is welcome to join.
Every talk is special, and it is important to inform everyone who might be interested. With posters it is easier to make new upcoming talks noticed on the Labs' website and on social pages.
Pictures for web & social media
The Vinberg Lecture
Much like Big Seminar The Vinberg Lecture is a regular online event with talks from well known mathematicians. The function of the artworks for the talks is also similar: mostly for the pleasure of both organizers and participants, but also to make information about talks easy to notice on Labs' web, social media and such.
Wall art
Lab Room
300 x 200 cm each
interior paint on walls
The Lab has a room at MIPT. I painted on two opposite walls next to the panoramic window. This work completely consumed me for several days, I enjoyed it immensely. I would absolutely love to do something like this again.
Wallposter & web
Summer School
Web & art & animation
Conferense MoCCA’20
MoCCA'20 (Moscow Conference on Combinatorics and Applications) was supposed to be a classic conference gathering methematicians in Moscow in May 2020. Due to the COVID-19 the conference first had to be postponed. As time went by and travelling stayed limited and unsafe, it was decided to have MoCCA online.
I worked on webpages, intros for the recorded talks and visual materials: printed posters, web posters, etc.
Poster for web
Workshop in Adygea
Wall & web posters
Open Call posters
Posters for web
Those are some of my favorite graphic works for the Lab. I use all kinds of techniques to produce images: photos, paint, pensil drawings, code, collages. Inbetween digital and physical.